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Kusuka partnerships collaborations

Mercator Foundation x Kusuka Collaboration 2022

Special Basket Collection for Mercator Foundation Germany

We are very happy to have worked with our women artisans in Central Kenya to create a collection of baskets for the Mercator Kolleg Seminar as well as the meet!-Europa Tour of the Mercator Foundation.

The collection was created in collaboration with the artisan entrepreneur Jane N., based in Nairobi, who is leading a women's collective in Central Kenya. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of colours and the rich cultural mosaic of Kenya, the collection is a manifestation of the unique spirit and creativity fostered by the collective.
Kusuka honest baskets

Thanks to the collaboration with Mercator Foundation we could provide business support services to our artisan entrepreneur Jane N. This included the creation of a product catalogue, flyers and a banner for Jane’s basket stand with the aim to promote local sales in Nairobi.

  • Product catalogue: We created and printed a product catalogue, which contains explanations about Jane’s basket stand, the production process of the sisal baskets and of course, showcases Jane’s beautiful sisal baskets in their different sizes, colours, patterns, and styles.
  • Flyers: We printed a set of flyers to be laid out at Jane’s basket stand. The flyers include information about Jane’s baskets and stand, as well as contact details and information on where to find the open air shop.
  • Banner: A banner in front of Jane’s stand should attract new customers by upgrading and making her shop stand out.

The Kusuka Team and Jane would like to thank the Mercator Foundation for making this possible and we hope that the baskets will spread much joy and love.  

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