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Creating opportunities

Weaving for impact

The essence of Kusuka is embodied in our commitment to craftsmanship, women’s empowerment, sustainability, and innovation.

Preserving the basketry art

Our commitment to Craftsmanship

At Kusuka, we believe in the power of artesanal craftsmanship as a counterpoint to the overwhelming presence of machine-made, mass-produced goods in the market. In today’s world, craftsmanship has become synonymous with luxury, representing the production of exceptional, enduring products crafted by skilled hands.

We are committed to help preserve traditional artisanal techniques and the cultural heritage of local artisans from East and West Africa. 

Small economy with big impact

Our commitment to Women’s Empowerment

Our baskets are handwoven by women artisans from Africa. We are committed to pay the women fairly to support artisans grow sustainable businesses and resilient livelihoods.

Because we know that when a woman creates an income, she re-invests this money into education and health of her family, which promotes self-esteem for the women, children, and the entire village.

Pieces with a purpose

Our commitment to Sustainability

Our current and past collections of African baskets from Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Senegal are ethically sourced using natural fibers and sustainable materials.

We are committed to always trying to put people and the planet first and sourcing products that are made sustainably using eco-friendly processes and materials that can be sourced in the country where they are woven.

This includes our commitment to slow production, sustainable material, supply chain, logistics, and packaging choices. 

Embracing Tech and Tradition

Our commitment to Innovation

Whilst most companies have multiple production cycles per year, we work in small batches, pre-orders, and limited editions of exclusive collections.

We are not only committed to use innovative approaches in our partnership models, but also to integrate cutting-edge technology and digital approaches into our products, processes, and lives of the artisans.


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