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Kusuka Ghana collection

Unique African Handwoven Baskets with an NFT

One-of-a-kind tokenized art baskets to transform your space with dreamlike aesthetics, a modern look, and an innovative touch

Our Ghana collection of handwoven African Art baskets showcases bold contrasts, deconstructed shapes, and unexpected movements. Each basket is tokenized, traceable, and certified as a one-of-a-kind piece of art, created by skilled artisans. With their blend of storage and art, these baskets add heartwarming design to any room.

Every art basket is the exclusive work of one dedicated artisan. Handwoven over days, these baskets are a testament to traditional techniques infused with a modern style. The craft has been passed down through generations among the Gurune people of northern Ghana, offering vital supplementary income to local women, especially in the face of changing farming conditions.

Our Luxury Ghana Baskets are crafted from the natural fibers of Veta Vera (elephant grass) using traditional dyeing methods that respect nature. Browns, oranges, reds, and grays are achieved with locally sourced materials like leaves, tree bark, and roots. These baskets are not only artistic and functional but also a sustainable celebration of Ghana's rich weaving heritage.

Previous collections

Previous collections featured unique baskets from Kenya, Uganda, and Senegal. Each collection tells a different story through detail, colour, and shape. 


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