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Tangerine Dreamscape: Large Orange and Black Art Basket

About this piece
African Large Orange and Black Art Basket by A. Atanga, 2023

The ‘Tangerine Dreamscape’ art basket draws inspiration from iconic design elements, infusing them into its generous, open structure. With its striking orange hue, it adds a pop of color to any space while remaining unobtrusive. It features detailed patterns in elegant black and white, adding a touch of sophistication to its waved silhouette. This spacious art basket is both decorative and functional, making it an ideal choice for any space.

Woven with care from veta vera grass (a natural material also known as elephant grass), ‘Tangerine Dreamscape’ offers a lightweight and extremely durable solution. The strong fibres of veta vera grass undergo a long process of harvesting, rolling and dyeing - all performed by hand - before 7-10 long days of weaving begin. 

This Kusuka art basket is part of a limited edition of 10 pieces. After all are sold, this art piece will no longer be available as offered here. Kusuka tokenizes baskets by adding a non-fungible token (NFT) to provide a proof of authenticity, ensure transparency along the value chain, digitalize ownership rights and archive traditional artisan techniques and stories (for more details how the tokenization process please see the FAQs below).


This art basket was made in Northern Ghana by A. Atanga who is part of the Baba Tree Company. The Baba Tree Basket Company has been preserving the culture of baskets and the Gurunsi community for the last 15 years. I

t’s here that an exquisitely woven community of artisans practice a time-honored weaving technique and their very own “rhythm and flow”. Weekly workshops, skills training and the weaver’s own skills and innovation enable their basket mastery to expand and be celebrated.

With the purchase and tokenization of the basket, you'll gain access to additional details about the artisan and the weaving technique. These details are securely stored within the NFT, ensuring their preservation across time. 

  • Measurements: H 53cm (Base 30cm) x W 65cm
  • Material: Veta Vera grass 
  • Colours: Bright Orange; Black; White
  • Handmade in: Ghana
  • Model ID: WE311

Please note that every basket is handmade and unique; therefore, slight irregularities in the material and size might occur.


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Tangerine Dreamscape: Large Orange and Black Art Basket


Art baskets

The Ghana Collection

All Kusuka Baskets are made of natural fibers of Veta Vera, also known as elephant grass.

Artisans not only use natural materials but also traditional dyeing methods that are in harmony with nature. Browns, Oranges, Reds and Greys are created using a variety of locally found natural materials such as leaves, tree bark, roots, or leaves.

One of a kind

African basketry art treasures

Every art basket has been worked on exclusively by one artisan, and each basket is their very own work of art before it becomes yours.

Each luscious curve is the handprint or signature of the artisan who has expertly handcrafted your basket. Handwoven meticulously over a number of days, your basket is an attestation of the unwavering dedication to a high-quality using traditional methods but with a modern style and aesthetic.

Tech & Art

The digital experience

Let's talk about the digital side of traditional craftsmanship. Basketry, an ancient art known for its functionality and beauty, now meets modern technology. When you buy a Kusuka basket, you're not just getting a beautiful piece; you're contributing to a better world.

The impact goes beyond your space. It reaches the artisans and their communities. Digital tokenization connects tradition and technology, making your investment in these timeless pieces both aesthetically pleasing and socially impactful. Welcome to the future of art and culture with Kusuka.

General FAQ's

What does tokenization mean and how can I tokenize my basket? 

For questions regarding tokenization please refer to “Tokenization FAQs”.

The basket of your dreams is labelled as “waitlist”. What does that mean? 

This means that your basket is currently in production. Please enter your name and email and you will receive a notification, once the basket is ready to be shipped to you (estimated 3-4 weeks). You can then complete the transaction and we will ship the basket to your address (estimated to take another 2-7 business days). 

What does limited edition mean? 

Limited edition means that only a fixed number of art baskets are produced, making each piece more scarce, valuable and collectable. Limited editions are marked with both their edition size and number. A marking of 1/10 for example, delineates that that specific basket was the first of 10 baskets in an edition.

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, anywhere in the world! Shipping costs are already included in the price. Estimated delivery time is 2-7 business day. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for full shipping info.

Do you offer gift-wrapping?

If you’re giving a basket as a gift, you can leave a note for the recipient in the “Order Notes” box when you check out. We will handwrite the message on a printed Kusuka card. 

Do you sell wholesale? 

Absolutely, please contact us at and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days. 

Will my basket look exactly like the one I see online? 

All our baskets are hand dyed and handwoven, which means that colours and pattern variations are to be expected and celebrated. This is what makes our baskets so unique: no two baskets are exactly alike, and each basket showcases the signature of its maker.  

How do I best care for my beautiful basket? 

Keep your basket away from direct sunlight to keep the colours bright. The colours will fade if exposed to strong sunlight, although this effect can be really pretty! Please be aware as the baskets are made of grass any areas in the home where there may be moisture in the air could cause your basket to grow mould.

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